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Harvey High Class of '65

Lost and Found Department


This page is to assist in locating classmates whom we've lost touch with, or have no way of reaching currently by e-mail. We only have approx 32% of our class in the email archive. We have no way of contacting another 13% by any means, at the moment.

(For the few people who have no yearbook picture, send me a headshot or closeup from around 1965, from your photo albums, and I'll make you a simulation for the picture page.)

Anyone knowing the missing contact details indicated of anyone listed here, be sure to send it to me. No one gets left behind!


No Email Address (129)

Donald Agrippa
John Ameen
Carol Anderson Gunderson
Mary Anderson
Dennis Barber
Stephen Bartish
Peggy Baxter
James Beahon
Judy Bess Hein
Alan Bennig

Beatrice Bissell
David Black
Judith Bottoms Farmer
Raymond Britton
William Brothers
Diana Joy Brown
Charles Brown
William Butcher
Mary Carmody
Deborah Carolus Agrippa

Marvin Casler
Susan Caswell Allee
Nina Irene Chandler
Mary Chiappone
Diane Cogswell Spring
Joann Cowles Valentine
Pam Croswhite
Bruce Curran
Madison Davis

Jennifer Dawson Kempner
Mary Ellen Dilisio
Jean DiLuzio
Mary Margaret Dull
Claire Evans Newport
Jane Flanigan
Nancy Forte Bell
Kerry Fowler
Rita Francisco Werbeach
Linda Freedman

Hugh Graham
Joyce Hada Travagliant
May Ellen Halavacs Smith
Verna Harris
Robert Hartman
Robert Haynes
Jeff Heckman
Jon Henck
Helene Hoegler Lawrence

Terry Hoffland
Bonnie Holden Koutnik
Eva Holmes
Howard Hopkins
Richard Jackson
Louvenia Jeffries
Jeff Jenks
Maxie Jones Pryor
Thomas Kallio

Sandra Knight Foley
Bruce Knisely
Patrica Komendat Kissig
Alan Koski
William Richard Kovacs
Lynda Landgraf
Ruel Lee
Randy Leaverton
Melisande Lieber
Alan Lillstrung

Beth Mackey Snowden
Margaret Mackey Starr
Robert Mann
Sandra Jean Martin
Patricia Maruschak Jackson
Margaret Mather
David McCoy
Sandra McCrone Soeder
Terry McCrone
Barry McCue

Linda McElwain
Eugene Miller
Kenneth Larry Miller
Mary Lou Mills
Barbara Molnar Hodge
Kathleen Moodt Summers
Quentin Morgan
Charles Murphy
Kerry Murphy
Douglas Orf

Louis Pachete
Frank John Palecek
Doug Palugy
Janet Parsons
Joy Patrick
Shirley Pierce Gardner
Mary Ruth Pongrass
James Rady
Sandra Refe
Craig Richey

Norman Roberts
Linda Roskelly Roberts
Ronald William Ruuska
Rebecca Jean Ryan
Judith Samer Peters
John Sams
Nancy Schoenberger
Doria Sasser Matchik
Barbara Schad Scott
Deanna Shupp Venditti

Ronald Smith
Robert Snyder
Paula Sohayda Irwin
Joyce Speelberg
Betty Jean Spikes
Sally Sterling Newhams
Raymond Thomas Stinson
Julius Szabo

Melody Taylor
Linda Traylor
Carolyn Louise Turner
Sandra Vaccariello Sacash
Joyce Vilagi Jackson
Ben Wilcoxon
Mike Williams
Mary Louise Wright
Tom York







No Mailing Address or Email Address (31)

John Amiott
Laura Baker
Bruce Baldauf
Roberta Cook
John Estruch
Patricia Foster
Norman Grazianzi
Dorthy Jean Gwynn
Sylvia Hose
Rosalie Jewell
Sam Jewell

Fred Kane
James Kelly
May Sue Lefler
Tim Lynch
Gary Martin
Nancy Milliken Stockdale
Christopher Montgomery
Kathleen Moss Vandenberg
Kerry Murphy
Arlene Riboczy Dixson
Carol Rigo
Robert Roessner
Judith Ross Witt
William David Schuler
Paul Stipich
Howard Stokes
Janie Stroisch Preckler
Melody Taylor
Robert Wanska
Mary Louise Wright



Scott Nelson (email but no photo)
Rose Saba Krebs (email but no photo)