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Harvey High Class of '65 (that's 1965!)
Then and Now Photos
Note: If you can't remember who they are, get out your '65 yearbook!!)

PAGE 1 Geoff Kent, Anna Pavoll, Joe Dolce, Janice Boone Lichtenberger, Diane Taylor Strimer, Tucker Plumstead.

PAGE 2 Maureen Lyon Joseph, Mary Beth McTaggart Graziani, Bob Bartish, John Stanzi, Beatrice Bissel Woidtke, Valerie Hood Kinser Volpert.

PAGE 3 Bill Calhoun, Barb Voellinger, Cynthia Snyder Tardino, Cynthia Roby Puckett, Bob Komniey, Joe Gurley.

PAGE 4 Judy Lankford Ball, Janet Parsons,Christine Kinsey Wood, Dave Gollust, Norman Conti, Dennis Lyons

PAGE 5 Marilyn Smith Butcher, John Jacobs, Suzanne Mackey Kurzawa, Bill Loxterman, Howard Hopkins, Cynthia Schneider.

PAGE 6 Bob Mallett and Marilyn Milbourn Mallett, Sharon Randall Hammond, Tony Tripi, Sherry Hull Wheeler, Robbie Smith Hurley, Madison Davis.

PAGE 7 Diane Hakli Houghkerk (Davis), Diane Griffin Troyer, Bobbi Pachete Morgan , Ben Wilcoxen, Joanne Green Gurley, Roy Kisseberth.

PAGE 8 Bob Gillooly, Patty Dennison, Ron Lundgren, Karen Collins Stefanik, Janice Darnell Toreki, Pam Croswhite-Yocom.

PAGE 9 David Shuler, Diane Siltala Garrett, Barbara Kovacs Carter, Conroy Gideon.