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Harvey High Class of '65 (that's 1965!)

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Special thanks to the following individuals who made the 2001 reunion possible: IN COLUMBUS - Robbie Smith Hurley, Judy Lankford Ball, Sharon Randall Hammond, Cynthia Schneider, Becky Schlegel Swenson, Cindy Snyder Tardino, Marilyn Smith Butcher. IN PAINESVILLE - Norm Conti, Dick Johnson, Joanne Green Gurley, Sherry Hull Wheeler, Bob Gillooly, Anna Pavoll. Facility and food: Silvio Trifiletti and Hellriegel's.


The Ones Who Were There

Tony Armetta
Bob Bartish
Pete Bennett
Bea Bissell Woidtke
Jan Boone Lichtenberger
Bill Calhoun
Norm Conti
Madison Davis
Patty Dennison
Mario DeDomenico
Eddie Gant
Bob Gillooly
David Gollust
Joanne Green Gurley
Diane Griffin Troyer
Joe Gurley
Diana Hakli Houghkerk
Davis Houghkerk
Valerie Hood Volpert
Sherry Hull Wheeler
John Jacobs
Dick Johnson
Geoff Kent
Christine Kinsey Wood
Roy Kisseberth
Bob Komniey
Judy Lankford Ball
Alan Lillstrung
Bill Loxterman
Ron Lundgren
Maureen Lyon Joseph
Dennis Lyons
Mary Beth McTaggart Graziani
Gail Mader Morse
Marilyn Milbourn Mallett
Bob Mallett
Scott Nelson
Bobbi Pachete Morgan
Janet Parsons Tokar
Anna Pavoll
Sharon Randall Hammond
Cynthia Roby Puckett
Rose Saba Krebs
Cynthia Schneider
Marilyn Smith Butcher
Robbie Smith Hurley
Cindy Snyder Tardino
John Stanzi
Bob Swartz
Tony Tripi
Barb Voellinger
Ben Wilcoxon


Many thanks to Anna Pavoll who took most of the new pictures on the site!! Heroic effort! Also, many thanks to Bill Loxterman for excellent group photos. (How come everybody hates having their picture taken but loves having pictures of themselves?- one of life's paradoxes.

Check out the 'Then and Now' area to see what's online so far.

Reunion Reports 2001

Robbie Hurley:

" We had 50 classmates along with spouses/friends for this 36th reunion. On Friday we were joined by about 50 people from the classes around us as well as appearances by former teachers ( and spouses) Jim Weitzel, Jack Henderson (in from Columbus), Keith Krantz (from Lancaster), and Dick and Renate Knuth. John Gatti was, unfortunately, a last minute cancellation but we had a great time reminiscing with all of them.

A 50/50 raffle was held to help with the evening's costs and we raised nearly $400 with the 50% going to none other than Bobby Komniey! Bob, what did you do with all that loot? Or would we rather not know??!!?

Saturday's picnic was highlighted by the cold weather but we all survived, through excellent spirits (take it however you wish), food, DJ, group photo, dancing (I never thought that 'Atomic Do'g would replace 'My Girl'), and just plain good visiting.

A reunion booklet was compiled and distributed and those of you who sent in info will be receiving yours by mail. We have a few extra copies, too, so let Robbie know if you would like one (see E-mail Archive - or 614-488-1746).

Sherry Hull Wheeler, with the assistance of Joanne Green Gurley, did an outstanding job putting the booklet together and you will no doubt have fun reading the updates. Be sure you send yours in next time!

Sharon Randall Hammond put together some really wonderful collages of old memorabilia from high school including the Harbinger of Senior wills, dance programs, photos from each elementary school (we were missing St. Clair, though, Dick), parties, Little League All-Stars, band, etc. Anna Pavoll also found the posters she prepared for the 30th reunion of past reunion photos and brought those (along with the signs for the night).

The 50/50 raffle on Saturday brought in $300 with half for the Scholarship fund and half to the winner, Bob Bartish. I have fewer questions about what Bob B. did with his money but, hey, who knows? We also had additional raffle items donated by Anna and John Jacobs. Two Harvey-Riverside T-shirts were won by Barb Voellinger and Al Lillstrung; two Harvey Christmas ornaments were won by Tom Hurley (no, not a fix) and Ben Wood, Chris Kinsey's husband. Two Anna Pavoll mood/period (ask Anna) pen and ink drawings ­ AKA Pavoll Prints - were won by Bob Gillooly and Madison Davis. Finally, Anna donated a bottle of Australian wine (in honor of Joe Dolce, of course) which was won by the only classmate who could prove their school spirit by showing red/black/HHS underwear. The big winner was Bill Loxterman!

John Stanzi, Master of Ceremonies, waxed eloquent about our fallen classmates (and those not so gone including Valerie Hood Volpert, rumored to be deceased) as well as the importance of the Scholarship Fund. John also sang for us and shared a few photos from the old days when he played the accordian and when he led a Mexican band. What's up with that?

We successfully raised $1000 for this year's Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund. We will contact the Endowment Committee at Harvey and have them administer the Fund which will make donations tax-deductible. Our goal at this time is to raise at least $1000 per year. Maybe more, if possible! Major thanks to those of you who were able to contribute. If you have had to pay for your own education or that of your children, you know that this money will make a big difference! Ben Wilcoxon tried to apply for the money. Nice try, Ben!

If you are in Painesville, stop by Harvey and check out the Memorial Walk and Garden in front of the high school. Our brick should be in place before too long.

Finally, put Labor Day Weekend 2005 on your calender: OUR 40TH!! And plan on the same weekend every 5 years thereafter. No conflicts, no excuses! Provide any changes of address, phone or e-mail to Robbie (rsh2727@aol.com) or Judy Ball (614-818-9616). And tell us updates of others with whom you are in contact. If you can help with the next reunion, please don't be shy. Along with the everyday tasks, we'll want some fun and interesting door prizes (Anna set the example, for sure).

Closing thoughts: So many thanks need to go out to those who helped support the effort this past weekend including the Columbus and Painesville committees: Judy Lankford Ball, Sharon Randall Hammond, Cynthia Schneider, Cindy Snyder Tardino, Marilyn Smith Butcher, Becky Schlegel Swenson, Dick Johnson, Norm Conti, Sherry Hull Wheeler, Anna Pavoll, Joanne Green Gurley, Jan Parsons Tokar. (Marilyn and Bob Mallett were our "worthy advisors"). Thanks, too, to Silvio Trifiletti and Hellriegel's who made planning a breeze. As Dave Gollust said (this is not a direct quote), as we get older, touching base with Painesville is a good thing. (Dave, correct me if I didn't capture the sentiment).


Dave Gollust:
"I wish the reunion had been better-attended but I still enjoyed myself. The first (multi-class) night, several (coach and faculty ) were there and it was fun to talk to Keith Krantz, Jim Weitzel, Jack Henderson and Dick Knuth, who taught me all I know about wood-working (skills I actually still use). . . "

Anna Pavoll:
" The party really was fun. Seems the people that went to this reunion were the ones that haven't been harboring any old grudges. Everyone relaxed and had fun...Lots of hugging and kissing (at least I kissed everyone!!) A lot of conversations were centered around retirement and grandchildren.....everyone seemed happy with their lives, their family, their life in general....I didn't get any negative vibes from anyone. Those that are divorced even seem to be over the mental anguish and are getting on with their lives. John bought two of the 'Harvey vs Riverside' 50th Anniversary T-shirts and donated them for the Saturday raffle... I donated two prints of pen and ink drawings I had done....I figured if they didn't like them, they could give them away....it was a "prize"...and that's all that counts...Then I donated a wrapped bottle of Australian Shiraz, in your honor...(and I did say this when we did the give-away) ...'this is in honor of Joe Dolce who couldn't be with us tonight and has put so much work into the web-site....Anyone (other than me) that is wearing "red" underwear tonight will win the bottle of wine.'..Since I had worn red underwear I would show mine and the winner had to show theirs...well...someone did have something close...."Harvey" underwear...I can't honestly tell you who it was...maybe Bill Loxterman...you will have to get that information from John Jacobs or someone as I was laughing too much to take notice...well, he showed his underwear waste-band and I did the same....We at least had everyone's attention for a few minutes... "







(And what was Mr. Elmer doing at Anna's pajama party? Did it have anything to do with what happened on the grassy knoll?)